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  • 😂😂😂😂😭😭😭

    Jo JoeJo Joe11 timer siden
  • dude won 1 fight and don’t know how to act

    Dr Cool PepperDr Cool Pepper11 timer siden
  • The end

    Sonny2020Sonny202011 timer siden
  • I think he getting a little bit to confident after the fight with Bryce.

    Precious DeputiePrecious Deputie11 timer siden
  • The reason Logan paul has not won ever is not because hes bad at boxing its that he chose hard opponents on purpose

    Brother BBrother B11 timer siden
  • Bill is so cute❤❤❤❤💕💕💕💕

    Anita💋Anita💋11 timer siden
  • Ksi logan and Jake Paul who ? Nahhhh Austin takin over bro 💯

    Antoni MejiaAntoni Mejia11 timer siden
  • Nice

    Clifford JohnsonClifford Johnson11 timer siden
  • She dragging that ass

    Clifford JohnsonClifford Johnson11 timer siden
  • KSI and Logan would knock the shit out of these clowns 🤡🥊

    Sw JSw J11 timer siden
  • Bryce vs Logan 💀💀💀💀💀

    Diyar_ MSDiyar_ MS11 timer siden
  • Justin♡Bieber

    Vanessa Dos SantosVanessa Dos Santos11 timer siden
  • Who has seen Austin’s college basketball highlight tape? Dude was dirty. Y’all should check it out.

    Anthony MoralesAnthony Morales11 timer siden
  • I'm confused he just proved a point that Logan isn't doing it for the money this guy is a clown KSI will rock his shid😂😂😂😂😂😂

    anonymousanonymous11 timer siden
  • His literally acting like he won a real boxing title or something.

    The WolfThe Wolf11 timer siden
  • I like Austin vs ksi

    Anthony MoralesAnthony Morales11 timer siden
  • This man said a 2 v 2 lmao this man is special

    Julian MorenoJulian Moreno12 timer siden
  • Yo She is fine as hell I can’t imagine cheating on her

    EchoisBrokenEchoisBroken12 timer siden
  • Slaps?! Bruh even paparazzi are using clickbaits now😭

    ItssjustmelissaItssjustmelissa12 timer siden

    shook2llshook2ll12 timer siden
  • So Logan just fought Mayweather and his the one who need to prove to Austin? 🤣🤣🤣 Is this Austin guy for real???

    The WolfThe Wolf12 timer siden
  • why is one side of his skull faded and the other one aint

    Brandon WildBrandon Wild12 timer siden
  • Yeah I'm sure Logan would want Bryce Hall to be his next opponent after fighting Mayweather. Totally makes sense for him 🤣🤣🤣

    The WolfThe Wolf12 timer siden
  • Paris agsin lol.

    Sunnny sunSunnny sun12 timer siden
  • Oh I understand!!! Logan fought Mayweather just to prove himself that his worthy stepping in the ring against the big Bryce Hall. 😂😂😂

    The WolfThe Wolf12 timer siden
  • Wtf are they??

    AlexaooAlexaoo12 timer siden
  • Camila looks like a Hobbit 😂😂😂😂

    AENJESHAENJESH12 timer siden
  • Oisouuuuu 😂😂

    GiannaGianna12 timer siden

    Raghav MandalRaghav Mandal12 timer siden
  • Did he said he would beat ksi

    Yael BrownYael Brown12 timer siden
  • Austin can't just fight ksi straight, away with just winning to one fight, he needs to fight someone ranked lower than ksi.

    MrGab gamerMrGab gamer12 timer siden
  • He loves her so much I wish I had that😭😭😭😭😭😭😭❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    Michael ScottMichael Scott12 timer siden
  • he's been hit by Gib

    StarWarsThoughtsStarWarsThoughts12 timer siden
  • In social gloves 2 they better add Nick Ireland to the main card, Landon McBroom didn't even get through round 1 and went straight to the finals so that's not fair...

    MrGab gamerMrGab gamer12 timer siden
  • lol

    EagleT VlogsEagleT Vlogs12 timer siden
  • Austin McBroom's family have been causing problems to the Ireland boys...

    MrGab gamerMrGab gamer12 timer siden
  • ain’t nobody goin to bryce funeral

    CryzCryz12 timer siden
  • Logan Paul would rock Bryce and Austin

    Kaiden GervaisKaiden Gervais12 timer siden
  • Didn't this dude said he'd do 1.7 million ppv buys and now making excuses

    ChopChop12 timer siden
  • Definitely a setup.. how they knew he was gonna speak THIS time… 😂😂 didn’t even pay the boxers from last time and he’s already planning another one… yeah right😂

    Fabiola julianaFabiola juliana12 timer siden
  • I love that! It shoes he cares and protects her 🥰

    sandra macedosandra macedo12 timer siden
  • All fucking bullshit j to help his image stay clean

    Christian MakaiChristian Makai12 timer siden
  • Logan will knock out you and Ksi will beat you as well

    Lee OrrLee Orr12 timer siden
  • Lol why the hell would Bryce and Logan fight? That would be absolutely terrible.

    Recruiting BoardRecruiting Board12 timer siden
  • That stall keeper is so lucky 😍. I would've considered myself soo lucky if I saw her ❤❤❤

    Yashashree JainYashashree Jain12 timer siden
  • He gaggin for that logan ksi bag


    sanna ksanna k12 timer siden
  • Thought they was about a Stomp the Yard battle.

    C. JeraldC. Jerald13 timer siden
  • Ronaldo is very bad in this vodeo

    MIND  BLO●WINGMIND BLO●WING13 timer siden
  • Team ksi mate

    Master 291Master 29113 timer siden
  • Team ksi

    Master 291Master 29113 timer siden
  • This guy just talks pure shit and they eat it up

    Soph _VxSoph _Vx13 timer siden
  • Hate to break it to you Austin but JJ isn't fighting under social gloves EVER😂

    TopZz AUTopZz AU13 timer siden
  • Lool… Austin doesnt have it in him to fight logan

    SnugglySnuggly13 timer siden
  • KSI and Logan would easily beat Austin, Bryce and whoever steps in the ring with them. These social media "influencers" should stick to their day jobs and not box. They're wasting time and money.

    Viroshen Sastri NaidooViroshen Sastri Naidoo13 timer siden
  • Who's the gypsie they are with is that the fortune teller or the maid with the aunt Jamima headwrap

    Rob osheaRob oshea13 timer siden
  • USA v UK

    Derrick AntwiDerrick Antwi13 timer siden
  • It seems like a publicity stunt for entertainment but if it isn’t then that’s horrible :(

    CalwynCalwyn13 timer siden
  • Austin scared of logan

    Shinji OsanaiShinji Osanai13 timer siden
  • This is exactly the reason why I would never want to become a celebrity

    Yeetus FeetusYeetus Feetus13 timer siden
  • .

    Mariyam AshbaMariyam Ashba13 timer siden
  • “DAMN “ “DAMN” “OK OK KEEP GOING” .. wtf are these paparazzis or his own hype men? He definitely called them to let them know where he at

    mimi didimimi didi13 timer siden
  • Proud to say I was help up by this man when I trip over the curb on my scooter

    MonkemanMonkeman13 timer siden
  • AUSTIN IS A LITERAL CLOWN WHO IS HE THIS CLOWN 🤡, I Don’t like KSI but we all know that KSI is gonna F HIM UP

    Zack PanhaZack Panha13 timer siden
  • If Austin acc thinks he can beat Ksi and Logan he’s lost his mind ksi and Logan would sleep him😂

    Jahiem NelsonJahiem Nelson13 timer siden
  • KSI is gonna fight Austin as the wasserman brothers are involved with SocialGloves 2. If u don't know who the wasserman bros are btw they started KSI's boxing promo

    Reece RutterReece Rutter14 timer siden
  • Who the fvck cares about that irrelevant fad

    SalshaSalsha14 timer siden
  • Nice video you’ve got here I tried trading on my own once and blew up my account don’t know if anyone here have had similar experience

    Flores 01Flores 0114 timer siden
  • another a day, another fetish

    מתבונן בך אלוהיםמתבונן בך אלוהים14 timer siden
  • Austin you are dead fam

    Scorpion✔️Scorpion✔️14 timer siden
  • Have you seen the Don't Go Yet music video?

    Erika LeeErika Lee14 timer siden
  • On some shrooms perhaps?!

    Adrienne MAdrienne M14 timer siden