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  • lxmlxnxkxnx yo sabia, igual zkbxkx

    AleAle20 timer siden
  • It would be so strange to be famous. Having those cameras everywhere you go has to gets overwhelming, can’t even go to the gas station looking busted cause it’ll be on the internet in thirty minutes 🤣🤣🤣

    heatherheather20 timer siden
  • Rest In Peace.

    Katie CulbrethKatie Culbreth20 timer siden
  • Black people in the West are very light, especially black women.

    Theo ChristianTheo Christian20 timer siden
  • Get it kanye 👍👍👍👍

    Tiffany MorrisTiffany Morris21 time siden
  • How is Mason already Kourtney’s height?!

    Sofia YoSofia Yo21 time siden
  • Is his "bodyguard" ronnie from jersey shore ??

    L tilliL tilli21 time siden
  • He wasn't nice to one fan, didn't even look people in the eye ever, Prick,,,and his ",bodyguard" can't stop ppl from going into a store, he doesn't have that power legally. I understand being frustrated, but sign a few autographs, take a few pics at least, and then ask ppl nicely to please let u have some peace and shop. I hope he falls from his throne.

    L tilliL tilli21 time siden
  • 🤣🤣

    vicky Rodriguezvicky Rodriguez21 time siden
  • the paparazzi swearing at the end was funny 3:56 - 4:10

    CraziiShotCraziiShot21 time siden
  • He drives that car,, and he expects ppl to have empathy for him and his "hard life" in the public eye? Sorry. I don't have any empathy left in my body for someone like u , that's prob a million dollar car and I'm out here with a master's degree living paycheck-to-paycheck,,,fml

    L tilliL tilli21 time siden
    • @Ashley Mullins and whats your point? So because he has more money than most, no one should say anything negative about him or his lifestyle, and those of us who are not in the top 1% we have no right to any sort of opinion ? So money validates who you are then 🤔 Well if that's the case, your opinion is automatically invalidated too, I'm sure.

      L tilliL tilli21 time siden
    • @Montse Gómez I don't like the fact he flaunts it to this extent ... yes I get that he worked for his money. blah blah, but why do he really need this? Yes , everyone has the right to spend their money on whatever they want to, but it surely doesn't make me have any type of sympathy or empathy towards him and his struggles ... he has not changed, he is still out their doing the same shit if not worse... and his music is not up to par anymore; he's already hit his peak.

      L tilliL tilli21 time siden
    • So basically because he has money it’s ok for ppl to b*lly him on every step of his life?

      Montse GómezMontse Gómez21 time siden
    • And that's his problem how? Don't hate on other people just because they have things you don't 😂 you sound tragic and bitter hun. Get over it xx

      Ashley MullinsAshley Mullins21 time siden
  • I wonder what the kids think everybody always changeing man . This is the whole family ????

    Di-ana RaelDi-ana Rael22 timer siden
  • The 2 guys just sitting by the door like 👁👄👁

    owethu saydowethu sayd22 timer siden
  • Mason going through something

    daisy daisydaisy daisy22 timer siden
  • Y is this so Important!? Ppl COVID has change the world!

    Trinijoy lTrinijoy l22 timer siden
  • At 5:38 how sweet is Catherine to the little girl

    User 13.User 13.22 timer siden
  • Who else saw the girl sneak in? At 19:14

    User 13.User 13.22 timer siden
  • What the hell

    Lianca jnLianca jn22 timer siden
  • I wanna be famous like ugh give me attention

    Kay Bean !!Kay Bean !!22 timer siden
  • She’s certainly acting like she wants no part of paparazzi

    Olivia GraceOlivia Grace22 timer siden
  • What’s the name of the other girl ?

    1991winnie1991winnie22 timer siden
  • Aw they’re so sweetest

    Yekta DamavandiYekta Damavandi22 timer siden
  • Kids grow up way to fast!!

    BeautyBeauty22 timer siden
  • Travis is gona get over this super fast 🤣🥲😂😅 he ain’t about this life lmao n poor mason in the back like 🤦🏻‍♀️

    GigiGigi22 timer siden
  • Is she pregnant??

    james gunzjames gunz22 timer siden
  • that's absolutely hideous.

    LaMelo BallLaMelo Ball22 timer siden
  • Chris brown doing it backwards out here... riches to rags...Idiot

    pjmac550355pjmac55035522 timer siden
  • Pregnant?????

    COFFEE#ᄉ#COFFEE#ᄉ#22 timer siden
  • I love you Anittaaaa, you is the queen of universe haha

    James AngeluzJames Angeluz22 timer siden
  • I'll join u guys please

    Shria SunilShria Sunil23 timer siden
  • Anwar looks like hes on drugs

    Kha0zKha0z23 timer siden
  • the why don't we boys r so sweet to fans 🥺

    Cheyanne WoodCheyanne Wood23 timer siden
  • Love them

    Rossi LeticiaRossi Leticia23 timer siden
  • Now it makes sense after i watched her interview in H3 podcast😮

    Kang SoohwaKang Soohwa23 timer siden
  • She's so beautiful... She should hang out with Kim or Paris Hilton!

    Bay HusseinBay Hussein23 timer siden
  • Who is that girl with them??

    Gaby PerezGaby Perez23 timer siden
    • That’s her son mason

      Grace RodrianGrace Rodrian22 timer siden
  • Oh wow mason is chubby so cute 😍😍😍

    M BM B23 timer siden
  • yall need to stop liking Vincent for his looks and start liking him for his personality...i love him for his personality<3

    • sameee

      wlfbrwnwlfbrwn22 timer siden
  • Kourtney needs to stop feeding her daughter so much.

    BEAUBEAU23 timer siden
    • Ummm... That's her son

      Navina AnanthanNavina Ananthan23 timer siden
  • I couldn't BE a karjenner... He said" SHE pulled the Bronx tale!!!" Whoeevers YOUNG wouldn't and couldn't understand!!! She's a keeper

    Kerry AlfaroKerry Alfaro23 timer siden
  • THAT CAR 😍

    Anmol RajAnmol Raj23 timer siden
  • Wow it’s almost like they didn’t want anyone filming them trying to get lunch.......

    WhistlinDieselWhistlinDiesel23 timer siden
    • if i was famous will there be many paparazi?

      Lecarlos Matthew ParagasLecarlos Matthew Paragas22 timer siden
  • Happy for her

    maya projectmaya project23 timer siden
  • Everyone talking about Bryce, but like look how cute josh looks😭😍😍

    Alaina LivelyAlaina Lively23 timer siden
  • 💀

    Bubba GachaBubba Gacha23 timer siden
  • But like look how fineeee they look

    Alaina LivelyAlaina Lively23 timer siden
  • I love these boys with my whole heart

    Alaina LivelyAlaina Lively23 timer siden
  • Okay I’m not a fan of Olivia but these paparazzis were being complete jerks 😡😡

    LarissaliloxLarissaliloxDag siden
  • Awwww they are so sweet 🥺😩❤️ Corbyn is adorable but who’s that older women with them is she one of their friends mom?

    Dorbyn4ever 2018Dorbyn4ever 2018Dag siden
    • what women?

      ShanikaShanika21 time siden
  • i love these boys so fricking much

    wdwlimelightwdwlimelightDag siden
  • why lil pump and his friends are all filming with theirs phones

    Neymar JrNeymar JrDag siden
  • That bronco for sale

    mawash0309mawash0309Dag siden
  • What's her career 🍌

    Stanson HendersonStanson HendersonDag siden
  • Guys she a plain Jane

    Stanson HendersonStanson HendersonDag siden
  • Her eyes look sad when the lady was questioning her :(

    ChanthalChanthalDag siden
  • Totally forgot this guy existed

    Jack KJack KDag siden
  • When is it my time to shine 🥲

    dorbynsmpdorbynsmpDag siden
  • I feel bad for Emma she’s trying to keep her relationship private for a reason

    camila mcamila mDag siden
  • That Kardashian don't have a butt like the rest of them Mason you need to fall back from the table little bit son

    Valarie CargillValarie CargillDag siden
  • Emma 💗

    Julia AlvesJulia AlvesDag siden
  • im glad i have been a limelight since the start

    mariana dieguezmariana dieguezDag siden
  • I did not realize that was mason until I read the caption😭

    Alissa Violet fanAlissa Violet fanDag siden
  • No one talking about how hes faded asf 💀💀

    WIZ KeleaWIZ KeleaDag siden
  • The useful hair angiographically exercise because sprout encouragingly hurry from a bored barbara. spectacular, rotten gear

    chase evanschase evansDag siden
  • These girls got those Lamborghini trucks!!

    Ask NathanielAsk NathanielDag siden
  • Bryce tried to be hero in starting and end up got beaten up by austin🤣

    Vagisha SanayeVagisha SanayeDag siden
  • What a miserable life they have waiting for someone to go to lunch

    Kathleen WildKathleen WildDag siden
    • My thoughts exactly

      Jamie's LifeJamie's Life23 timer siden
  • Scott you suck. now u get to see your kids with another man. oh well. deal with it.

    Cesar HernándezCesar HernándezDag siden
  • we need more

    anna andrianna andriDag siden
  • the way he stands 🤤

  • if i meet her i would say hi dona

    Christophe MorinChristophe MorinDag siden
  • She should be a super model 😭❤️✨

    Kenny LawsonKenny LawsonDag siden
  • You can tell how embarrassed and annoyed she is.

    Gabby AtlasGabby AtlasDag siden
  • This isn’t even embarrassing.. lmao

    Sen RileySen RileyDag siden
  • Who's paying Bryces Medical Bills !!!

    HastiHastiDag siden
  • sob now I wanna meet them

    jenna likes wdw 😌jenna likes wdw 😌Dag siden
  • Didnt future quit lean??

    To TallTo TallDag siden

    24hr seavxy24hr seavxyDag siden

    HEYYitsMEEHEYYitsMEEDag siden
  • I don’t rlly like her and her family but I really hate paparazzi

    Kaiden KilcreaseKaiden KilcreaseDag siden