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  • Looks like someone made it in their backyard it’s ugly AF

    Trent JamesTrent JamesTime siden
  • Jerika 💖

    qween vanessa Nassuunaqween vanessa NassuunaTime siden
  • One of the saddest truths, is that these young immature wealthy youths are turning NOcds, into a Viscous gladiator arena. And it should not be allowed. And I guess, that it will only stop when someone gets killed.

    Steve SteeleSteve SteeleTime siden
  • 🥺😔

    Emma_crazyEmma_crazy2 timer siden
  • This racing car is perfect for action movies 😁

    AUWSTINAUWSTIN2 timer siden
  • Awesome ❤️👍

    ARS ChannelARS Channel2 timer siden
  • J-Lo 👍❤️

    ARS ChannelARS Channel2 timer siden

    Nik mNik m3 timer siden
  • Crazy how far they’ve both come. From new upcoming artists to soon to be legends.

    BlissBliss3 timer siden
  • Yall are pissing me off

    Carlena ColeCarlena Cole3 timer siden
  • "Win cutest couple award" is this a joke

    naina saliannaina salian3 timer siden
  • Oohh at first I thought..... 🤐

    N JohnN John3 timer siden
  • This ain’t about money or clout... then they start bragging about who has more money and clout 😐🤣

    Ha HaHa Ha4 timer siden
  • ugh shes so powerful it hurts

    Zach MinterZach Minter4 timer siden
  • She gat that attitude from her mama, her mama never respected her father which is charity

    Nelson ChristNelson Christ4 timer siden
  • i if that car hit me and i died i would be happy to be the first one died with that car

    GreenchillyGreenchilly4 timer siden
  • Hello Lola la mexicana

    Vanessa SandovalVanessa Sandoval4 timer siden
  • Hi LOLA

    Vanessa SandovalVanessa Sandoval4 timer siden
  • Now she's wearing a mask, she never wears mask lol

    violetgurl80svioletgurl80s5 timer siden
  • Brother nga!!!!!!

    sudha karthikeyan1971sudha karthikeyan19715 timer siden
  • Superb looking nga!!!!!

    sudha karthikeyan1971sudha karthikeyan19715 timer siden
  • Random rich shit

    Dre SmooveDre Smoove5 timer siden
  • They're so nice, sweet and polite

    vas happening?vas happening?5 timer siden
  • Can u make a video on charli and avani

    Yasu RobloxYasu Roblox5 timer siden
  • over payed fuktards with masks on

    Neil ShannonNeil Shannon5 timer siden
  • Josh has the personality of a rock

    Rex LolRex Lol6 timer siden
  • that breath he takes at the start says alot i think 🤔

    TTV VerexehTTV Verexeh6 timer siden
  • Asap is like andre3000 he gat bars

    micheal mwadalimicheal mwadali6 timer siden
  • Lel hanson

    Icantsnipe XDIcantsnipe XD6 timer siden
  • Guy looks like Walmart version of lol mosey

    Lighting JetLighting Jet6 timer siden
  • Beautiful ❤️

    Danny gDanny g6 timer siden
  • The Queen 👑

    Danny gDanny g6 timer siden
  • Cap🦆cap🦆cap🦆cap.

    J WilsonJ Wilson6 timer siden
  • 0:38 the way Bryce Warned the guy for the car 😊😇

    Glen HoferGlen Hofer6 timer siden
  • Hiiiiii

    alexandra baezalexandra baez6 timer siden
  • Can someone tell me what hoodie that guy is wearing? The brown one

    DaraghDaragh6 timer siden
  • Sexy. The accent is awesome

    PlumberGasfitterPlumberGasfitter6 timer siden
  • He said sorry also 😮

    Justice For Sushant Singh RajputJustice For Sushant Singh Rajput7 timer siden
  • 0:54 i have no eArRinGsAh

    tamara tositamara tosi7 timer siden
  • She doesn’t rest her 🐱 at all

    Hector MoronesHector Morones7 timer siden
    • As she shouldn’t💖

      Udhav KhajuriaUdhav Khajuria4 timer siden
    • Facts!

      Dhairya DaveDhairya Dave5 timer siden
  • Little mix next please😊

    Stream confetti by little mix ft saweetie.Stream confetti by little mix ft saweetie.7 timer siden
  • I love the Siwas so much🥺

    HaleyNicole FenderHaleyNicole Fender7 timer siden
  • Yes Hollywood bring it!!!!

    Glorybee RosadoGlorybee Rosado7 timer siden
  • I love her accent 💖

    Lena ThaqiLena Thaqi7 timer siden
  • Even the security had enough of this shit 4:17 😂

    Montell Carey IosefoMontell Carey Iosefo7 timer siden
  • She really tough she did sum💀

    Diana LuvianoDiana Luviano7 timer siden
  • Hairline.

    wdan92wdan927 timer siden

    doahcowsdoahcows7 timer siden
  • The average fiberglass plausibly escape because beam obviously measure amid a clever driver. lying, agreeable cone

    tychief cookstychief cooks7 timer siden
  • Show us LITTLE MIX arriving at brits

    ivan danlagivan danlag7 timer siden

    luvme ツluvme ツ8 timer siden
  • ❤️ love y'all

    Carlos Sanchez -NunezCarlos Sanchez -Nunez8 timer siden
  • Ariana vocals bussin thru in the background thooo

    KartiairKartiair8 timer siden
  • ˢᵘᵇᵇᶦⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˢᵘᵇˢ ᵗᵒ ᵐᵉ

    NormannNormann8 timer siden
  • When she still wears childish clothes haha

    Luke MoseleyLuke Moseley8 timer siden

    Julieta Guillen ArancibiaJulieta Guillen Arancibia8 timer siden
  • Hey you're the best, keep doing like that

    Blaze_knight07Blaze_knight078 timer siden
  • She truly doesn’t have a bad angle I always forget she has an accent

    XimenaXimena8 timer siden
    • Yea she is Albanian🇦🇱 with a british Accent😂

      Dardan RahimDardan RahimTime siden
  • She is so lovable ..😍😍

    Low FuelLow Fuel8 timer siden
  • Hi Hollywood Fix.

    Jada BoldenJada Bolden8 timer siden
  • Post Notification Gang.

    Jada BoldenJada Bolden8 timer siden
  • Hey.

    Jada BoldenJada Bolden8 timer siden
  • Hi🥲

    N 0N 08 timer siden
  • Who is that tall dude? Cute much!

    Camilo Gomez KeepCamilo Gomez Keep8 timer siden
  • It ch

    Aaliyah WoodruffAaliyah Woodruff8 timer siden
  • Yes b

    Aaliyah WoodruffAaliyah Woodruff8 timer siden
  • Slow Kawasaki....

    HD JakeHD Jake8 timer siden
  • Buzztin les hubiera partido la madre

    Tío PelónTío Pelón9 timer siden
  • Mano deixa a charli um pouco em paz

    Lofi GirlLofi Girl9 timer siden
    • Up

      Lofi GirlLofi Girl9 timer siden
  • Man was shittin it when tayler was givin it sum 😂

    yungtuggayungtugga9 timer siden
  • If that were me I'd bust that camera. 😒

    plainawfulplainawful9 timer siden
  • Was that dog in his jeep with windows up while he was working out ?

    Joe GalindoJoe Galindo9 timer siden
  • I remember my first beer..... lmao

    Brad’s TrainsBrad’s Trains9 timer siden
  • Omg he walks like elliot tryin' to avoid people, just miss the hood !!!♡

    Eleonora ZecchiEleonora Zecchi9 timer siden
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      David GrahamDavid Graham9 timer siden
    • Haha you don't have to be surprised

      Esther CaldwellEsther Caldwell9 timer siden
    • He's really awesome!

      Daniel LutherDaniel Luther9 timer siden
    • Wow ! I'm just shocked you mentioned and recommended John Mark trading services, I thought people don't know him..

      Deborah LorenzoDeborah Lorenzo9 timer siden

    Dead ChannelDead Channel10 timer siden
  • Is that fuckin d savage

    jordxnbansjordxnbans10 timer siden
  • how could you not like jojo siwa

    taiseitaisei10 timer siden