Addison Rae Is Asked About Getting Back With Bryce Hall While Supporting Charli D'Amelio At Craig's

#AddisonRae Is Asked About Getting Back With #BryceHall While Supporting #CharliDAmelio & #ChaseHudson At Craig's 4.27.21 - TheHollywoodFix
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  • She's literally the sweetest person ❤️😭

    Tamanna SharmaTamanna Sharma5 dager siden
  • “Hows the single life” bro im embarrassed my self 😭

    Just Me lolJust Me lol5 dager siden
  • i LOVE addison. her freakin patience and staying positive all the time despite the hate, i could Never

    Stacy KeeshStacy Keesh10 dager siden
  • but like literally why would you do that. she’s over him as yall can tell.

    Jamie CusumanoJamie Cusumano10 dager siden
  • Adisson is so beautifal 💕💕💕

    Mia VidovicMia Vidovic11 dager siden
  • Addison had some nice cars

    XXX _MonteXXX _Monte12 dager siden
  • The silence was so loud after he said braddison

    Wolf clubWolf club12 dager siden
  • She copped the matte blue urus??

    Lee BoldenLee Bolden13 dager siden
  • Addi has so much patience like I could NOT 😂😂😂

    White FamilyWhite Family13 dager siden
  • Y’all do to much

    Life As TayLife As Tay13 dager siden
  • I love how she actually talked to them about anything but Bryce😂😂

    Charlene MooreCharlene Moore14 dager siden
  • if addison can afford those cool cars imagine charli if she start to drive

    Amaze JayAmaze Jay14 dager siden
    • @Chloe Kanye ohhh

      Bad.b.tchvibezzz _Bad.b.tchvibezzz _4 dager siden
    • @Bad.b.tchvibezzz _ She said a few months ago she's to scared to drive. She tried learning but failed.

      Chloe KanyeChloe Kanye4 dager siden
    • But charli can drive right? Like she’s 17 now

      Bad.b.tchvibezzz _Bad.b.tchvibezzz _12 dager siden
  • addison addison Addison bradison ahahhahahhahahahah

    mayar odehmayar odeh14 dager siden
  • She so over y'all

    Life With NeishaLife With Neisha14 dager siden
  • why would ask her ab her ex

    sway hype jerseytrio more fannsway hype jerseytrio more fann14 dager siden
  • Damn she a free bag 💼

    John WickJohn Wick15 dager siden
  • Too bad she bought her fame

    Braeden BishopBraeden Bishop15 dager siden
    • How can you buy fame?

      Bad.b.tchvibezzz _Bad.b.tchvibezzz _12 dager siden
  • can she just live her life in peace bruh fuck

    blurblur15 dager siden
  • It's the hate it's got too her

    Nolubabalo NomakweNolubabalo Nomakwe15 dager siden
  • okay but literally why would you do that. she’s obviously over him

    Simran GhaiSimran Ghai15 dager siden
    • Stop the cap hahhahaa

      Happy DelailahHappy Delailah14 dager siden
    • ofc she is kissing all over jack😂

      FruwzyyFruwzyy15 dager siden
  • Why paparazzis wanna know everything it’s their life let them be 😩🖐

    •Valeria••Valeria•15 dager siden
  • Dude with 100 years saying braddison 😂😂😂

    Sérgio MachadoSérgio Machado15 dager siden
  • yeah I feel sorry for my girl

    Emily a avocado yayEmily a avocado yay15 dager siden
  • She's a QUEEN!!!

    Addison Rae FanpageAddison Rae Fanpage15 dager siden
    • @Sierra then go watch something else, y’all claim that y’all hate these tiktokers sm but watch every video about them.

      chocochoco9 dager siden
    • @Bad.b.tchvibezzz _ Bullshit. And I'm watching to see what she has to say

      SierraSierra12 dager siden
    • @Sierra no i mean if you hate her then why you watching a video about her doe? And don’t believe everything u see on social media maybe Bryce is lying and wants to manipulate the story u never know.

      Bad.b.tchvibezzz _Bad.b.tchvibezzz _12 dager siden
    • @Bad.b.tchvibezzz _ She is manipulative, lied constantly and tried to get people to turn ther attention to Bryce in their breakup and so much more. I could go on for ages. You are delusional

      SierraSierra12 dager siden
    • @Sierra yes she is, if you have any negative opinion keep it to urself.

      Bad.b.tchvibezzz _Bad.b.tchvibezzz _12 dager siden
  • Whys she looking so much like Kalani Hilliker here tho

    child of destinychild of destiny15 dager siden
    • @Bad.b.tchvibezzz _ ohh she’s from dance moms

      Jilianne Denise SalmorinJilianne Denise Salmorin12 dager siden
    • @Jilianne Denise Salmorin no I’m saying whose the other girl kalani

      Bad.b.tchvibezzz _Bad.b.tchvibezzz _12 dager siden
    • @Bad.b.tchvibezzz _ Addison

      Jilianne Denise SalmorinJilianne Denise Salmorin12 dager siden
    • Who?

      Bad.b.tchvibezzz _Bad.b.tchvibezzz _12 dager siden
    • Right!

      Jilianne Denise SalmorinJilianne Denise Salmorin15 dager siden
  • Braddison is over

    Alien ElinPupAlien ElinPup15 dager siden
  • awww shes hanging out with olivia o'brien 💕

    kittypurrykatkittypurrykat15 dager siden
  • Jaden hoosler and Nessa Barret🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

    Zochhuanawma ZoteZochhuanawma Zote15 dager siden
  • they both need to go their seperate way

    Realist NiquaRealist Niqua15 dager siden
  • Bryce hall and alexa adams

    Jose lozanoJose lozano15 dager siden
  • Shes way above him now

    calambres 661calambres 66115 dager siden
    • @Realist Niqua uhm Addison did a song, a movie, been on Ellen show, jimmy Fallon show on vogue multiple times, what is Bryce doing? 5 secs tiktok dances?

      Bad.b.tchvibezzz _Bad.b.tchvibezzz _12 dager siden
    • no they are both doing good..

      Realist NiquaRealist Niqua15 dager siden
  • Damn who’s the tall girl in white?

    Rob KennedyRob Kennedy15 dager siden
    • fatherkels

      ToryTory15 dager siden
  • she literally screamed "how'd you roll the window". stop attacking someone about their relationship, they don't owe anyone an explanation

    cherritarycherritary15 dager siden
    • @reyes Lemon yeah she did.....if she didn’t wanna be famous she should have stayed in Louisiana.

      lemons are nastylemons are nasty5 dager siden
    • @China Trujillo shut up

      Tamanna SharmaTamanna Sharma5 dager siden
    • @China Trujillo she didn’t choose to be famous

      reyes Lemonreyes Lemon14 dager siden
    • Then don’t be famous

      China TrujilloChina Trujillo15 dager siden
    • literally

      marco mendozamarco mendoza15 dager siden
  • Paparazzi: Bradissonnnn Everyone: LAUGHSSSSSS

    Yuriel CundanganYuriel Cundangan15 dager siden

      Wendy GarciaWendy Garcia14 dager siden
  • Paparazzi: Bradissonnnn Everyone: Lost Brain Cells

    Yuriel CundanganYuriel Cundangan15 dager siden
  • Why everyone looking at Addison but not look at the girl with the big 🍉🍉

    A ZA Z15 dager siden
  • Aww she handles the paparazzi so well I would be like “okay that’s enough go away” hahahah

    Sophia QuesadillaSophia Quesadilla15 dager siden
    • Even tough she doesn’t like them

      Ninaatje xxNinaatje xx13 dager siden
    • @Rafif / Dora no she meant how she would do that

      Harry RiveraHarry Rivera13 dager siden
    • When did she say that?

      Rafif / DoraRafif / Dora14 dager siden
    • ikr same

      Eva graceEva grace15 dager siden
  • oh thats funny the shouting part

    kawshar beeharrykawshar beeharry15 dager siden
  • What the second she was asked about baking with Bryce ?

    RED .RED .15 dager siden

    G GG G15 dager siden
    • Wdym AYYYEEEE

      Asif HasanAsif Hasan15 dager siden
  • i really hope chacha is back.. i am definitely not one of the fangirls but i just think they are good for each other!

    Anonym LolAnonym Lol15 dager siden
    • yea

      Alexa IpinaAlexa Ipina14 dager siden
  • When did she get a porsche? Lol

    Nora HaltonNora Halton15 dager siden
    • @Adeline D-P at least someone knows who’s it actually is

      Marco GallardoMarco Gallardo15 dager siden
    • It’s a lambo urus but it’s not hers it’s kaysans

      Adeline D-PAdeline D-P15 dager siden
    • How can you not recognise one of the most famous SUV's in the world???? Seriously?? Its okay but I've never seen anyone not knowing and recognising a Urus 😂😂

      Aditya PotlaAditya Potla15 dager siden
    • its a lamborghini urus lol

      rebecarebeca15 dager siden
    • that’s not a Porsche lmao

      Caiela ReidCaiela Reid15 dager siden
  • earlyyyyyyyyy

    afra alfaheemafra alfaheem15 dager siden
  • ahhhhh early

    VinayaVinaya15 dager siden
  • Nice

    TreyTheYungOGTreyTheYungOG15 dager siden