Charli & Dixie D'Amelio, Addison Rae & Family Celebrate Charli's 17th Birthday At Delilah 4.30.21

#CharliDAmelio & #DixieDAmelio, #AddisonRae & Family Celebrate Charli's 17th Birthday At Delilah 4.30.21 - TheHollywoodFix
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  • Happy birthday Charli happy 17

    Mar JemenezMar Jemenez4 dager siden
  • They be dressin like theyre on the episode of Kuwtk

    White PandaWhite Panda6 dager siden
  • Tbh Dixie should be a modeler

    KLAUSBAEKLAUSBAE7 dager siden
  • They are so beautifal, they my idol. Dixie , Charli and Adisson 💕💕💕

    Mia VidovicMia Vidovic7 dager siden
  • A video of a side walk

    Andrea SanchezAndrea Sanchez7 dager siden
  • Can we actually forget about everyone and focus on HOW GORGEOUS HEIDI LOOKS?!?!?!

    iiichxocoiiichxoco8 dager siden
    • Bruh

      Chloe SabadaChloe Sabada6 dager siden
  • Lol

    Caroline PetersCaroline Peters8 dager siden
  • I honestly hope they catch the virus so they could learn

    yeayea8 dager siden
  • I will dixsis shoe instructs someone of welvhe brand which are

    jennifer bjennifer b8 dager siden
  • Is Addison the last one in the purple dress ?

    Luke FlanneryLuke Flannery8 dager siden
  • They all look stunning 😍

    Ernie VidrioErnie Vidrio9 dager siden
  • Dixie is a new Kendall 🤍

    Maria SolankiMaria Solanki9 dager siden
  • Have they heard that there's a global pandemic happening right now 😂

    SimplybasicSimplybasic9 dager siden
    • It was only dinner. No it wasn’t a party.

      Nishinoya ‘YuNishinoya ‘Yu7 dager siden
  • Happy Birthday

    Mary JonesMary Jones9 dager siden
  • dix looks so pretty omg

    Tina TavrouTina Tavrou10 dager siden
  • Heidi looks gorgeous!!!

    meher arorameher arora10 dager siden
  • this is the only video i have seen here on youtube about charli's birthday

    tutoriales  Capcuttutoriales Capcut10 dager siden
  • She's only 3years older than me

    AmeliaAmelia10 dager siden
  • Que bonita 😍

    Charlxl0Charlxl010 dager siden
  • stop making stupid people famous

    Dash120zDash120z10 dager siden
  • Addison walking in confidence

    Suleqa MohamedSuleqa Mohamed10 dager siden
  • Damn charli and dixie look amazing

    Bloom of DominoBloom of Domino10 dager siden
  • lo

    Anaje A GeorgeAnaje A George10 dager siden
  • bro addison got no style seriously

    M 2004M 200410 dager siden
  • Omg tell her I said happy b day queen💖

    Hailey BrownHailey Brown10 dager siden
  • Am I the only one wondering how the paparazzi knew they would be here? fishy

    City ExplorerCity Explorer10 dager siden
  • addisons outfit was cute

  • Happy birthday 🎉 Charli

    Fernanda CorralFernanda Corral10 dager siden

    Valentina _Valentina _10 dager siden
  • charlis dress is so pretty

    Judy StarsJudy Stars10 dager siden
  • Gorgeous 🥰🥰

    EGMEGM10 dager siden
  • Wtf is addison wearing lmfaoo

    E MoneyE Money10 dager siden
    • What her outfit was everything !

      Kimberly AguileraKimberly Aguilera10 dager siden
    • A gorgeous blazer dress

      okay aliiokay alii10 dager siden

    duda !!!duda !!!10 dager siden
  • Yesss if addison wherent there it wouldve been better tho

    Samantha CalderonSamantha Calderon10 dager siden
  • How charli and Dixie are dressed wow

    DavidDavid10 dager siden
  • Dixie look like Kendall Jenner

    Jewelle PetersJewelle Peters10 dager siden
  • Addison is stunning

    Ally maeAlly mae10 dager siden
  • I thought Addison wasn't Charlie friend

    C_u_T_e_b_LoxyC_ola MarshmallowC_u_T_e_b_LoxyC_ola Marshmallow10 dager siden
    • They are friends I think their management doesn’t allow them to post a lot together

      Kimberly AguileraKimberly Aguilera10 dager siden
  • Happy birthday charli !

    Nylah AndersonNylah Anderson10 dager siden
  • Why must u reveal their location

    Erin KohErin Koh10 dager siden
  • Lol

    Alex nisunAlex nisun10 dager siden
  • B

    RaphaCool JohnsonRaphaCool Johnson10 dager siden
  • charli dixie and heidi’s dresses were SO PRETTY! i especially liked charli’s bc of the sparkles😍

    Clara StollClara Stoll11 dager siden
  • i knew addi would be invited lol. Chaddison and Dixison for life

    Ashley The LlamaAshley The Llama11 dager siden
    • dixison>chaddison because charli is just a younger sister for Addison

      Judy StarsJudy Stars10 dager siden
  • Wow America treating tiktokers as celebrities. We don't do that in my place.

    Emi EmiEmi Emi11 dager siden
  • I really want to see how they celebrated Charli's bday Edit: Thank you all so much for the likes I appreciate it!!

    Reem's WorldReem's World11 dager siden
  • Charli look so beautiful😍

    dunkin. chardunkin. char11 dager siden
  • Happy birthday to Charli!!!♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    Addison Rae FanpageAddison Rae Fanpage11 dager siden
  • The only party with not a lot of people

    Liana ShareefLiana Shareef11 dager siden
    • @Kimberly Aguilera well compared to other parties not that much.

      Liana ShareefLiana Shareef10 dager siden
    • What lol she literally had a lot of ppl there like a lot

      Kimberly AguileraKimberly Aguilera10 dager siden
  • Addison ignores em AYY SLAYYY QUEEN PERIOD.

    levioontlevioont11 dager siden
    • @Kimberly Aguilera ya don't need to be mean 🙄

      levioontlevioont10 dager siden
    • @Kimberly Aguilera did i ask? No.

      Nylah AndersonNylah Anderson10 dager siden
    • Everyone here ignored them including Charli shut up

      Kimberly AguileraKimberly Aguilera10 dager siden
    • @Nylah Anderson ok lol ik

      levioontlevioont10 dager siden
    • Addison rae thinks shes the sh*t but she aint. PERIOD

      Nylah AndersonNylah Anderson10 dager siden
  • Charli is gorgeous

    Irene KIrene K11 dager siden
  • hey fletcher when u see charli an dixie agin tell them i said hi pls!

    camryn jamescamryn james11 dager siden
  • it seems like just yesterday charli turned 16.. seriously can’t believe she’s 17 already!! 💗

    Kaidyn HawkinsKaidyn Hawkins11 dager siden
    • ikr

      Call me MayoCall me Mayo9 dager siden
    • Ikr

      Makaela PerezMakaela Perez10 dager siden
    • That what I thought

      Anna BananaAnna Banana11 dager siden
  • ❤️

    Karol Michel Gonzalez ManchabajoyKarol Michel Gonzalez Manchabajoy11 dager siden
  • Charli mi mujer😩☝🏻

    LuciaLucia11 dager siden
  • Why the fuck do they think they're celebrities like tf

    Falah WadaaFalah Wadaa11 dager siden
  • Why isn’t anyone talking about addison’s gorgeous outfit? She absolutely slayed that!

    sonamvfxsonamvfx11 dager siden
    • @Israel martinez kinda purple

      Naomi AyeniNaomi Ayeni10 dager siden
    • Ahahahahahaha

      E MoneyE Money10 dager siden
    • What color dress have Addison

      Israel martinezIsrael martinez11 dager siden
  • Dixie's heels tho

    Katherine BellaKatherine Bella11 dager siden
    • What brand plssss 😅

      Corina Ivy CabotageCorina Ivy Cabotage11 dager siden
  • I can’t believe their famous from dancing For all you obsessed stands I’m NOT trying to hate I’m just making a statement so before you get all mad just realize all I said was I can’t believe their famous from dancing

    Ayva apostleAyva apostle11 dager siden
    • @Francesca Cerra shawn mendes got famous from vine

      shahanas shahabshahanas shahab7 dager siden
    • @farran liliane why don't you stfu? If you don't like their comment, move along bruh.

      bribri9 dager siden
    • @farran liliane who do you think made her?

      Ayva apostleAyva apostle9 dager siden
    • @Ayva apostle i can tell you whatever i want , charli has been dancing since she was 3 .

      farran lilianefarran liliane10 dager siden
    • @farran liliane Yeah but they didn't need the internet like these losers

      Me We SquirrelMe We Squirrel10 dager siden
  • No more social gatherings. Be safe, stay at home. People are dying

    Sunflower GardenSunflower Garden11 dager siden
    • @levioont point is?

      T.T.5 dager siden
    • Covid is still a big thing. You people complain about others who actually have a brain, but I would like to see you complain after getting the disease.

      Patrick StarPatrick Star7 dager siden
    • why I live in california my parents got vaccined and we ate a restraunt two times

      Myra MazumdarMyra Mazumdar8 dager siden
    • @Patriot_101 ppl are dying are kidding me-

      kfz uploadskfz uploads10 dager siden
    • @シZ A Y N yeah but if ppl keep doing this it will go up again

      kfz uploadskfz uploads10 dager siden
  • Istg Dixie is on a whole other level of gorgeous, I genuinely thought she was Kendall Jenner at first glance SHE’S STUNNING🥵🔥

    AriellaAriella11 dager siden
    • @Aura Rose Gracias

      Me We SquirrelMe We Squirrel6 dager siden
    • •Prashansa• ah so true

      aepdaysaepdays6 dager siden
    • @Me We Squirrel dang I see what you did there

      Aura RoseAura Rose7 dager siden
    • @Judy Stars why’d u comment this twice???

      Idek IdekIdek Idek10 dager siden
    • I have always thought about how dixie and kendall are kinda the same in their style and beauty

      Judy StarsJudy Stars10 dager siden
  • Getting early tiktok vibes with everyone together

    FLAMO JAMOFLAMO JAMO11 dager siden
    • @choco exactly

      FLAMO JAMOFLAMO JAMO9 dager siden
    • @kfz uploads i think they’re talking about when it started getting popular.

      chocochoco9 dager siden
    • @kfz uploads I was thinking like 2020 at the peak i guess

      FLAMO JAMOFLAMO JAMO10 dager siden
    • Early TikTok was in late 2018 tho-

      kfz uploadskfz uploads10 dager siden
  • Lmfaaaoo adisson thinks she is the best one, she's just a weirdo IM sorry but atleast you can say hi

    jjj jjjjjj jjj11 dager siden
    • @Kíyømí Lá haha

      areeba sajjadareeba sajjad11 dager siden
    • lmao i agree you are a weirdo lmao your name is jjj

      Kíyømí LáKíyømí Lá11 dager siden
    • what gave you that idea

      ANDEICEANDEICE11 dager siden
    • @Mariani Dominguez exactly

      areeba sajjadareeba sajjad11 dager siden
    • You cant just assume wtf

      areeba sajjadareeba sajjad11 dager siden
  • Bruh how did everyone just forget about gigi Bryant like that..

    Abdullahi HaadiAbdullahi Haadi11 dager siden
    • @Life As Mimi He said people are forgetting GiGi Bryant’s birthday when nobody forgot about and he is acting like Gigi is the only important which is not because both are just as important and that’s why I said “Stop gate keeping shit”

      Brandon ButchartBrandon Butchart11 dager siden
    • @Brandon Butchart Forgot about what ?😭

      Life As MimiLife As Mimi11 dager siden
    • Her Birthday is just has special as Charli’s quit gate keeping shit also nobody forgot

      Brandon ButchartBrandon Butchart11 dager siden
    • bc it’s Charlis day too tf ? Just bc she’s dead doesn’t mean all attention is on her

      Life As MimiLife As Mimi11 dager siden
    • @Tasha C 100% agree

      Angie ColeAngie Cole11 dager siden
  • Charli’s dress is gorgeous🤩🤩

    Jordan GrizerJordan Grizer11 dager siden
    • @Siimplycupquake it’s has a mesh underneath lol, and that doesn’t make it less beautiful

      SofSof10 dager siden
    • You can see through it 💀

      SiimplycupquakeSiimplycupquake10 dager siden
    • Ikr? I’m in love with that dress😍

      Megann 0017Megann 001711 dager siden
    • Agreed 💙🦋

      Nicaven SquadNicaven Squad11 dager siden
  • She's so luckyyyy

    VioletViolet11 dager siden
  • 43 minutes

    Kalyssa GarciaKalyssa Garcia11 dager siden
  • Jake: In a Concert Also Em: No MASKS

    Yuriel CundanganYuriel Cundangan11 dager siden
  • This is the only video from charli birthday where we actually see charli

    Sakwanda JohnsonSakwanda Johnson11 dager siden
    • Yea lol

      Abigail MartinezAbigail Martinez10 dager siden
    • Fr we love fletcher

      Leyla's StuffLeyla's Stuff10 dager siden
    • Lol

      Gaby LaffreyGaby Laffrey11 dager siden

      NAJJUNAJJU11 dager siden
    • @Terrarian ok

      Emily GillinghamEmily Gillingham11 dager siden
  • the mom is walkin around like shes kim k or something AHAHa pretty though

    MM11 dager siden
    • Ig people can’t walk with confidence now

      Cristian ChavezCristian Chavez9 dager siden
    • She was walking just normal. But her hair did give me kim k vjbes. Loved it

      A 31A 319 dager siden
    • She was just waking like a normal person 😂

      Alexandra RokanaAlexandra Rokana11 dager siden
    • she's just walking☠️

      Wallace ViscontiWallace Visconti11 dager siden
    • Did you watch how Nikita walk from this event,

      Rona CaluyaRona Caluya11 dager siden
  • 🔥🔥🔥

    Danny gDanny g11 dager siden
  • I guess iam early

    guyFromDHguyFromDH11 dager siden
  • Can u tell charli and Dixie I said hi when u see them again?

    Alissa ResendizAlissa Resendiz11 dager siden
    • nah

      omar mohamedomar mohamed11 dager siden
    • @Esmeralda Hernandez why? dager siden
    • @me. no

      Esmeralda HernandezEsmeralda Hernandez11 dager siden
    • Lol

      Megann 0017Megann 001711 dager siden
    • @Juice uno reverse card dager siden
  • Hi

    Leinni HernandezLeinni Hernandez11 dager siden
  • Only like this if u aree early

    Anshdeep KanwalAnshdeep Kanwal11 dager siden
  • i’m so mf early

    Kaynaat RashidKaynaat Rashid11 dager siden
  • *To the Early Squad Reading This: sending Virtual hugs to everyone who reads Always stay safe read my name btw💰*

    ZawnZawn11 dager siden
    • No

      ash lolash lol11 dager siden
    • Bot

      Identify FraudIdentify Fraud11 dager siden