James Charles Shows Off His Morphe Makeup Pallet While Leaving Good Morning America In New York

#JamesCharles Shows Off His #Morphe Makeup Pallet While Leaving #GoodMorningAmerica In New York 10.16.19 - TheHollywoodFix
[Video & Imagery Supplied By MediaPunch/BACKGRID]
(Used Under License/With Permission)
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    malibamimalibami8 dager siden
  • Miss james so much omg😭

    Daegan JohnDaegan John8 dager siden
  • I miss James.!! 😢😢

    Tina BrewerTina Brewer9 dager siden
  • Lmao I love it, not gonna lie. 😆

    Molly JacksonMolly Jackson11 dager siden
    • Omg didn't know you ha d a thing for pèdos cute!

      AlleyhandraAlleyhandra8 dager siden
  • James career is over..why post him 🤣😂

    skorpia gskorpia g11 dager siden
  • He’s disgusting

    iheart138iheart13811 dager siden
    • Ikr and he still has fans wich is even worse

      AlleyhandraAlleyhandra8 dager siden
  • Kinda miss James on social media ngl

    Robyn FinnRobyn Finn12 dager siden
  • The shadeeee

    larriscooterlarriscooter12 dager siden
  • I thought he was cancelled

    Laura CastriconeLaura Castricone13 dager siden
  • yall evil lol

    Samiyah AhmadSamiyah Ahmad13 dager siden
  • yall shady for posting this lmao

    nicole lolnicole lol13 dager siden
  • James Charles is a pervert all he's trying to do is sell sex

    Running BearRunning Bear13 dager siden
  • 🤣

    Hunter WoodlawnHunter Woodlawn13 dager siden
  • Nobody gives a shit

    7Holes7Holes13 dager siden
  • the shadeeeeeee

    sway hype jerseytrio more fannsway hype jerseytrio more fann13 dager siden
  • Lol the shade

    Charles AdrianCharles Adrian13 dager siden
  • I love and miss him

    Lala TFWLala TFW13 dager siden
  • 2019

    Lucillia StreusvogelLucillia Streusvogel13 dager siden
  • He's probably getting an interview to share "his side"

  • E

    RaphaCool JohnsonRaphaCool Johnson14 dager siden
  • Ridiculous

    Nik mNik m14 dager siden
  • Anyways confetti by little mix ft saweetie is out now!!☺️

    Stream confetti by little mix ft saweetie.Stream confetti by little mix ft saweetie.14 dager siden
  • I really really really really miss him 😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟

    AnushkaAnushka14 dager siden
    • Why????

      AnushkaAnushka13 dager siden
    • I bet you're under 16 😂😂😂

      mimi nounoushemimi nounoushe13 dager siden
  • He ruined his own career🥴

    LorraineLorraine14 dager siden
  • I came with the heat! Found out shots are already fired. thank goodness for. comment section.

    mawash0309mawash030914 dager siden
  • Remember meeting him in Birmingham's UK at bullring 🥰

    Sara JohnsonSara Johnson14 dager siden
    • I'm so sorry you had to experience that 😥

      Prod.STICK3YFINGERZProd.STICK3YFINGERZ7 dager siden
  • Definitely was never taught to pose LMFAO

    Devon SaaliDevon Saali14 dager siden
  • God loves you ❤️

    Mary WattersMary Watters14 dager siden
  • Wait why is this like 1-2 years late .......

    Roblox girlRoblox girl14 dager siden
  • Omg I really thought he had the audacity to come out and pose to paparazzi like nothing happened...

    34 Fiza Ruba34 Fiza Ruba14 dager siden
  • Disgusting

    M2M ...M2M ...14 dager siden
  • Yall are shady lmao. Yall heard his pallet was dropped and posted this LMAO

    Hannah EsparzaHannah Esparza14 dager siden
  • this did not age well-

    emma koehleremma koehler14 dager siden
  • Most people had no problem with him the other and now all of a sudden everyone hates him because he was allegedly flirting with underaged boys who were probably enjoying it and isn't as innocent as they claim to be

    Dustin BentingDustin Benting14 dager siden
  • the video is really good and great

    Sarah PelletierSarah Pelletier14 dager siden
  • Early Thankyou for2-3 likes

    Nolubabalo NomakweNolubabalo Nomakwe14 dager siden
  • Boy go to bed !!

    Orlando ForteOrlando Forte14 dager siden
  • Now he's cancelled amen

    Luke DiLeoLuke DiLeo14 dager siden
  • I made a parody of the James Charles apology videeo on my channel.

    Ritchie RossonRitchie Rosson14 dager siden
  • He looks so happy and liberated

    Jimmy Maddox's Hollywood IconsJimmy Maddox's Hollywood Icons14 dager siden
    • And look at him now

      kamran ahmedkamran ahmed12 dager siden
  • Lmao now he is a groomer💀

    Dayanara AnicetoDayanara Aniceto14 dager siden
  • How come no one had mask?!

    •Valeria••Valeria•14 dager siden
    • @•Valeria• it was a old clip

      Tramellia BellTramellia Bell14 dager siden
    • @Tramellia Bell this video said 12 minutes ago 😩🖐

      •Valeria••Valeria•14 dager siden
    • It was 2018

      Tramellia BellTramellia Bell14 dager siden

    eaj20eaj2014 dager siden
  • explain how he is famous

    Jj OlijedeJj Olijede14 dager siden
    • NOcdsr, makeup artist and has his own merch and of course that pallet

      Dustin BentingDustin Benting14 dager siden
  • Not you posting this😂😭😭

    A JA J14 dager siden
  • James 2019 vs James 2021

    Elaine WuElaine Wu14 dager siden
  • The heck,.. they still like him even after what he did....

    Brianna LizaldeBrianna Lizalde14 dager siden
    • No this is an old clip

      KawaiiCookiesKawaiiCookies14 dager siden
  • He kinda look like pink 💀

    Aaron GomezAaron Gomez14 dager siden
  • Hiiii

    Tanacie PinkneyTanacie Pinkney14 dager siden
  • Bad timing Fletcher 😭 😭 😭

    MariamMariam14 dager siden
    • How

      Haily VangooHaily Vangoo12 dager siden
  • wow.. it really is true when people say time flies

    luvme ツluvme ツ14 dager siden
  • 0:24 A legend!!

    Caroline JohnsonCaroline Johnson14 dager siden
  • first gimme a ike

    Mossel UnofficialMossel Unofficial14 dager siden
  • Thought he was bald? Or was it a bald cap? Sooooo confused aha 😅

    AtlantaAtlanta14 dager siden
  • Who else thought it was a recent video when they clicked it🙄🙄

    LifeWithKyshaeLifeWithKyshae14 dager siden
    • - typing in “chill yall” on youtube, 👍great

      Baddie PopBaddie Pop13 dager siden
    • 🖐️😐

      zita degruyterzita degruyter14 dager siden
    • Me, I was worried, like did they Invite him to question him about his grooming or...?

      astrid ledesmaastrid ledesma14 dager siden
    • Me!!!

      Stephanie MarinoStephanie Marino14 dager siden
  • bleh

    Isabel GabrielaIsabel Gabriela14 dager siden

    iiSoftieRblxiiiiSoftieRblxii14 dager siden
  • Hi

    Ella Claire BennettElla Claire Bennett14 dager siden
  • Ok and

    The BT FamilyThe BT Family14 dager siden
  • James !!!

    Estefano CalmetEstefano Calmet14 dager siden
  • dang that was a long time ago😭

    ClownmatessiClownmatessi14 dager siden
  • When was this

    Anthony PetersonAnthony Peterson14 dager siden
  • Strike a pose for that mug shot

    0.00.014 dager siden
    • Mdr

      Lyna TalbiLyna Talbi14 dager siden

      zita degruyterzita degruyter14 dager siden
    • LMFAOO 😭

      luvme ツluvme ツ14 dager siden
  • the shade posting this 😭😭

    William YorkWilliam York14 dager siden
  • Aww I miss this era before covid when things were normal

    Tramellia BellTramellia Bell14 dager siden
    • @Kayden WR y are you telling her to end it zaynabs edits started it

      sarah hamilltonsarah hamillton14 dager siden
    • @Kayden WR bro wtf I never said i miss james i said i miss the era when covid was not a thing and we didn't have to wear masks

      Tramellia BellTramellia Bell14 dager siden
    • @Zaynab's Edits I never said that don't put words in my mouth

      Tramellia BellTramellia Bell14 dager siden
    • You miss HIM the groomer ok

      Zaynab's EditsZaynab's Edits14 dager siden
  • Where this pallet now though 😃😏 Yessss groomer

    A.A.14 dager siden
  • we love james

    Dylan Gastiazoro hiDylan Gastiazoro hi14 dager siden
    • Not

      songs in commentssongs in comments14 dager siden
  • Early

    Kaelyn DavisKaelyn Davis14 dager siden
  • leave it in the trash

    BlissfulsoftBlissfulsoft14 dager siden
  • Hii fletcher

    tamaine deslandestamaine deslandes14 dager siden
  • Hii

    BEATRIZ IsabelBEATRIZ Isabel14 dager siden
  • EWWW

    Brook NadiaBrook Nadia14 dager siden

    Viv L-YViv L-Y14 dager siden
  • i clicked here so fast 😭

    Lauren McKelveyLauren McKelvey14 dager siden
    • Same I thought it was gonnna be something recent 😂😭😭

      Mitchelle NdunguMitchelle Ndungu14 dager siden
    • omg same 😢

      zita degruyterzita degruyter14 dager siden
  • last time I checked he was canceled..

    go damarcisgo damarcis14 dager siden
    • I don't really see him coming back from this. Last time a lot of big youtubers came to defend him, I.e: Pewdiepie. But now no one wants anything to do with him

      Zairner MullerZairner Muller11 dager siden
    • “canceled”

      ׂׂ14 dager siden
    • This was when he bleached his hair

      Roblox girlRoblox girl14 dager siden
  • Ayy 14 s

    tiktok mvtiktok mv14 dager siden
  • Hi Hollywood Fix.

    Jada BoldenJada Bolden14 dager siden
  • Hii

    Sylvia _SkatesSylvia _Skates14 dager siden
  • Wat

    Kimani Edwards LLJKimani Edwards LLJ14 dager siden
  • he’s not in jail

    Minion 69Minion 6914 dager siden
  • 👁👁heyyy yall

    poshalexposhalex14 dager siden
  • Well this didn’t age well...

    Ziyania MonroeZiyania Monroe14 dager siden
  • First

    Lourdes RafaelLourdes Rafael14 dager siden
  • Post Notification Gang.

    Jada BoldenJada Bolden14 dager siden
  • First

    Liam MaraisLiam Marais14 dager siden
  • First

    1kbabeofficial1kbabeofficial14 dager siden
  • First

    DirtE_Boi Gaming.DirtE_Boi Gaming.14 dager siden
  • Hi.

    Jada BoldenJada Bolden14 dager siden