Little Mix Arrives To Capitol Radio Studios After Dropping The Confetti Music Video With Saweetie

#LittleMix Arrives To Capitol Radio Studios After Dropping The Confetti Music Video With #Saweetie In London, England 4.30.21 - TheHollywoodFix
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  • Perrie trying to hide her baby bump. We stan

    João MonteiroJoão MonteiroDag siden
  • perrie literally rested her hand on her bump imma cry its too cute :D x

    Gracia PepperGracia PepperDag siden
  • not me getting a clearblue preggo test ad before this video lmaooo. so happy for them!

    Gracia PepperGracia PepperDag siden
  • Soooo is anyone here after Perrie announced she was pregnant. 🤰

    Ro seRo se2 dager siden
  • Leigh and Perrie are pregnant 😭❤️

    Edxn GEdxn G3 dager siden
  • Who here after perrie announcedd❤😭

    Theonly JeyTheonly Jey3 dager siden
  • Now leanne and perrie r pregnant

    Raonaid GallagherRaonaid Gallagher3 dager siden
  • Who here after Perrie announced that she is pregnant!! ✨🤧

    Manuel Kingston William RogersManuel Kingston William Rogers3 dager siden
  • little did we know perrie and leigh were are pregnant here so happy for them

    Rhéa BOU ALWANRhéa BOU ALWAN3 dager siden
  • The fact they all wore baggy clothes to help hide Leigh’s bump🥺

    Jess EvansJess Evans4 dager siden
    • And perrie as well now 🥺😭

      Naomi MoyoNaomi Moyo3 dager siden
  • Leigh Anne after covid: I used to stay at home Jade after lockdown: I don't need ya don't need ya Perrie after lockdown: ur just memory

    Amy GeorgeAmy George4 dager siden
  • Icons

    Jerrie ThirlwardsJerrie Thirlwards5 dager siden

    Cata CattyCata Catty6 dager siden
  • I didn't expect this-

    Poppy BPoppy B6 dager siden
  • 💛💙💚

    Daniel EwenkhareDaniel Ewenkhare6 dager siden
  • I love how they all wore baggy clothes just to help Leigh-Anne hide her pregnancy

    Sassy Jar of NutellaSassy Jar of Nutella7 dager siden
  • I still can’t believe Leigh Anne was pregnant this whole time and none of us knew!!

    VocalisingVocalising7 dager siden
    • And perrie

      janique hardisonjanique hardison3 dager siden
  • aww their so cuteee, i love theeeem!! they are real celebrities, not like those ´tiktokers´

    Fernanda VeraFernanda Vera7 dager siden
  • I love how the girls help Leigh Anne to hide her baby bump here.

    Monserrat PootMonserrat Poot7 dager siden
  • little mix are so amazing

    Todd BeatonTodd Beaton7 dager siden
  • OMG 😱 🎉🎊🎉

  • Congratulations Leigh-Anne

    Sophie HoranSophie Horan8 dager siden
  • anybody notice how the girls wore baggy clothes with Leigh Anne to help hide her pregnancy ??

    Timothée ChalametTimothée Chalamet8 dager siden
  • I can barely see Lee's mom tummy 🥺🥺🥺😍😍😍

    Sebas DextreSebas Dextre8 dager siden
  • Tha fact they all wore baggy clothes for Leigh 😍

    Love.EllieLove.Ellie8 dager siden
  • Omg they're soooooo stunning..gorgeous mamas omg

    Malec ForevsMalec Forevs8 dager siden
  • Crazy to think we can't see Leigh's bump

    Alba Talie PhillipsAlba Talie Phillips9 dager siden
  • Finally real celebrities

    ivan danlagivan danlag9 dager siden
  • This is talent, tiktokers take notes

    Angel BernardAngel Bernard9 dager siden
  • How we didn't know that our baby girl was pregnant 😭🎉

    Heba MohmeedHeba Mohmeed9 dager siden
  • AAAHHH can't believe Leigh was pregnant and I couldn't tell???

    Margarida CorreiaMargarida Correia9 dager siden
  • it's so obvious that Leigh is pregnant lol

    SunshineSunshine9 dager siden
    • Nope

      T0xic r0sesT0xic r0ses7 dager siden
  • And no one suspected there's a baby on the way 😍❤️

    Dance_me_againDance_me_again9 dager siden
  • Who else rewatch this after knowing leigh anne is pregnant... and now notice the bump?

    Rhyzin VillalunaRhyzin Villaluna9 dager siden
    • She walks a bit different too

      Lily KraueLily Kraue7 dager siden
  • Leigh Anne's bump 🖤

    Luna ALuna A9 dager siden
  • ok THIS is the content that I was waiting for

  • Not me checking every interview again to see how they hid Leigh-Anne's pregnancy. 🙈🤣🦋😍😍

    Daniel Montero RealDaniel Montero Real9 dager siden
  • who would've known leigh was pregnant here

    Karen YaoKaren Yao9 dager siden
  • Leighanne smiling like you wish you knew what mi beautiful baggy dress was hiding 🤱🏾

    Gemma StantonGemma Stanton9 dager siden
  • Leigh definitely nailed her style and managed to keep her pregnancy a secret... Congratulations Leigh Ann

    rashmi hemali Lewkebandararashmi hemali Lewkebandara9 dager siden
  • Anyone here after Leigh Anne announced she's pregnant?! ❤️🎊💐🥰🥳❤️

    Khamyaa SushilKhamyaa Sushil9 dager siden

      Mega Little MixerMega Little Mixer3 dager siden
    • hope u guys checked perries instagram just nowww

      mel inamel ina3 dager siden
    • meeee

      Mega Little MixerMega Little Mixer8 dager siden
    • Yep and now you know you can clearly see the bump lol

      Olivia RidgeonOlivia Ridgeon9 dager siden
    • me!!! I can't believe it!

      Silver TVSilver TV9 dager siden
  • Little Mix is still Irresistible as ever.

    Michelle JonesMichelle Jones9 dager siden
  • Love Leigh-Annes outfit can't believe we didn't spot her belly but CONGRATULATIONS !!!

    Chloe BellengerChloe Bellenger9 dager siden
  • Now I understood the outfit! They were keeping leigh Anne pregnancy in secret 🎉🎉🎉🎉

    Kathy Paola Ricaurte SayagoKathy Paola Ricaurte Sayago9 dager siden
    • Also perries pregnancy

      janique hardisonjanique hardison3 dager siden
  • They’re all in loose clothes, because if it was just Leigh-Anne it may have been too obvious. I love these girls, more than anything I love their friendship ♥️

    itsSabsitsSabs9 dager siden
    • Perrie is pregnant too and was hiding it jade just wore what she normally would

      janique hardisonjanique hardison3 dager siden

    aliali9 dager siden
  • What the... Leigh-Anne is preggo and I didn’t saw that at all

    Veronica♥Veronica♥9 dager siden
  • Leigh Anne is pregnant 🙏🏻

    ani kaani ka9 dager siden
  • Now I see that her stomach was being hidden becuase she wore baggy clothes after the video dropped so she was hiding the pregnancy

    Farah ZabanFarah Zaban9 dager siden
  • Rewatching this after I found out Leigh's pregnant, who's with me?

    • I’m bere, because Perrie announced she’s pregnant too 🤍

      Cristian MercuriCristian Mercuri3 dager siden
  • Why the hell we didn't notice bb Leigh's bb bump here??? OMG CAN'T BELIEVE WE ARE ABOUT TO SEE THE FIRST LITTLE MIX BABY HUHUHUHU

    • EXACTLY!!!!!!! maybe the fact that they were all wearing baggy clothes probably made us not pay too much attention!

      Nicole PintoNicole Pinto9 dager siden
  • What happened u thought there are 4 ppl in the band what happened

    AriaAria10 dager siden
    • Jesy left...


    Maikland 1326Maikland 132610 dager siden
  • My girls!❤️

    Gabriela Pizzi MedinaGabriela Pizzi Medina10 dager siden
  • their new single is out now! CONFETTI ft. Saweetie 🥳

    Gwen MonteroGwen Montero10 dager siden
  • It‘s like Jade holds mum and dads hands 😂

    Mr UnkwonMr Unkwon10 dager siden
  • Finally not tik tokers

    Georgia FordGeorgia Ford11 dager siden
  • i love them

    Chris UzunovskiChris Uzunovski11 dager siden

    Brett MaxenceBrett Maxence11 dager siden
  • Aww our girls holding hands🥺❤️

    Jolina LeeJolina Lee11 dager siden
  • I love them but I miss Jesy

    Amelia QueenAmelia Queen11 dager siden
  • slayed

    someone cutesomeone cute11 dager siden
  • face on halle, body on Chloe ❤️‍🔥

    Corey WongCorey Wong12 dager siden
    • yessss

      ma francisca correiama francisca correia11 dager siden
  • Thank YOU !!!! a real talented CELEBRITIES/ ARTIST.

    Lil MixLil Mix12 dager siden
  • oh wow this's how they look irl

    :D:D12 dager siden
  • OMG I wasn’t expecting this waaahhh

    Angeli RelampagosAngeli Relampagos12 dager siden
  • Omg little mix omg

    cool girlcool girl12 dager siden
  • Please we need more little mix content

    cool girlcool girl12 dager siden
  • Stream confetti xoxo Gossip Girl

    Zara CooperZara Cooper12 dager siden

    Zara CooperZara Cooper12 dager siden
  • Hermosas

    MantillaMantilla12 dager siden
  • They look beautiful omg-

    Yuko KarmaYuko Karma12 dager siden
  • Yess

    tiye scotttiye scott12 dager siden
  • Omg girls 💟💟💟💟😂😍💖 I love you girls 😍😍😍😍

    Chelsee JosephChelsee Joseph12 dager siden
    • I am from trindad and tobago

      Chelsee JosephChelsee Joseph9 dager siden
    • I am Trinidad and tobago

      Chelsee JosephChelsee Joseph9 dager siden
  • I miss Jesy tho🥲

    TiaTia12 dager siden
  • Finally 🥺💞💞

    Martini.68Martini.6812 dager siden
  • Obviously Fabulous. Proverbs 8:17💝

    Lisa Love MinistriesLisa Love Ministries12 dager siden
  • After watching Mma community, fight Hub, MMA fights etc.. I felt embarrassed....

    Zochhuanawma ZoteZochhuanawma Zote12 dager siden
  • Leigh-Anne My Queen.😍👑

    Hirsyle NgodiHirsyle Ngodi12 dager siden
  • Capital not Capitol

    rhys _1478rhys _147812 dager siden
  • They came to slay the game and they look amazing

    Kayla ClaytonKayla Clayton12 dager siden
  • I love how they’re holding hands

    SofthepoafSofthepoaf12 dager siden
    • Ikr, it’s so gay 😍

      VocalisingVocalising6 dager siden
  • These queens never fail to amaze us, they’re looking 🔥 af. Imagine being them talent + looks.

    LMAOLMAO13 dager siden
  • Them holding hands

    EmilyEmily13 dager siden
  • B

    RaphaCool JohnsonRaphaCool Johnson13 dager siden
  • My Queens ♡♡

    Hiba TaherHiba Taher13 dager siden
  • Queens

    Addison Rae FanpageAddison Rae Fanpage13 dager siden

    Dane Kaulukou-ChangDane Kaulukou-Chang13 dager siden
  • Jade mi mujer🔥🔥

    Jade EGJade EG13 dager siden
  • My queens 😍🔥

    update jade thirlwallupdate jade thirlwall13 dager siden
  • Slay 😘😘😘 trio is better ♥️

    Team LeethœTeam Leethœ13 dager siden
  • Finally actual celebrities and not tik tokers

    Avani ShettyAvani Shetty13 dager siden
    • omg yaaas

      Marta BaracMarta Barac10 dager siden
    • Ahhh I love your profile pic😌😌

      Sapphire GibsonSapphire Gibson11 dager siden
    • true

      ma francisca correiama francisca correia11 dager siden
    • @Aisha Mahmud hahaha no problem💕

      Niki KokkaliNiki Kokkali12 dager siden
    • @S F I thought it said find celebs sry

      Aisha MahmudAisha Mahmud12 dager siden
  • i love them to pieces, I hope this is their year

    kikka 917kikka 91713 dager siden
  • They're holding hands 🤩

    dynaboomdynaboom13 dager siden
    • @Ja'Quon Tyreke Powell yup

      ma francisca correiama francisca correia11 dager siden
    • While being in sync and walking with the same legs as well 😌💯!!!

      Ja'Quon Tyreke PowellJa'Quon Tyreke Powell12 dager siden
  • Perrie😍

    Kween ThingzzKween Thingzz13 dager siden
  • Perrie 💛

    S VS V13 dager siden
  • Little Mix is supreme 🔥🔥🔥

    Lil ARLil AR13 dager siden
  • They are so stunning and classy! Love Little Mix!

    Weston DingWeston Ding13 dager siden

    CelebritylovezCelebritylovez13 dager siden
  • Omg theyre so cute together 🤗.

    Eyeball MasterEyeball Master13 dager siden