Nikita Dragun Sends Charli D'Amelio Birthday Wishes While Arriving To Her Party At Delilah 4.30.21

#NikitaDragun Sends #CharliDAmelio Birthday Wishes While Arriving To Her Party At Delilah 4.30.21 - TheHollywoodFix
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  • she didnt even talk

    sway hype jerseytrio more fannsway hype jerseytrio more fann7 dager siden
  • Her mask 😍😍😍

    Ernie VidrioErnie Vidrio9 dager siden

    Sxnflower SkiesSxnflower Skies9 dager siden
  • a white mask would look cute with her outfit if she ever wore one

    camryn jamescamryn james10 dager siden
  • i just cant with her omg

    valisaep ytvalisaep yt10 dager siden
  • No se quien mierda es nikita pero hace los gestos como kylie se mas original mi niñaa, encima se hace la superada no quiere hablar pero por favarrr quien sossssss

    Maximiliano ZubietaMaximiliano Zubieta10 dager siden
  • Mask please?!

    Nicaven SquadNicaven Squad11 dager siden
  • Rules only apply to peasants not the elite... Never give up your freedom

    Yaret CastilloYaret Castillo11 dager siden
  • Mask?

    Tamanna SharmaTamanna Sharma11 dager siden
  • What is she wearing 😭

    Ava MichalAva Michal11 dager siden
    • @Lillian’s Story’s I know u cried that's why ur leaving cuz u know I'm right

      6ixtos6ixtos4 dager siden
    • @6ixtos lauuul you though I cried you are so immature I ain’t losing time with people like you so get lost 👍🏻

      Lillian’s Story’sLillian’s Story’s4 dager siden
    • @Lillian’s Story’s I’m actually 4 I got in ur feelings cause ur telling how u feel and u finally stop crying for 4 days also 🤚🏽-😐 I can tell ur fat asf

      6ixtos6ixtos5 dager siden
    • @6ixtos I’m dead 😭🤣🤣🤣 bro u thought I don’t get hurt by poor peoples words like yours you can’t even talk you look 11 bro stfu I’m deaaaaad you killed me you thought that I get hurt easily bruh I’m deaaad ✋🏻😭😭🤣😂

      Lillian’s Story’sLillian’s Story’s5 dager siden
    • @Lillian’s Story’s bro stfu cry me river ur weak minded person getting hurt by words stop being soft

      6ixtos6ixtos10 dager siden
  • where is her mask-

    smhxla !smhxla !11 dager siden
    • @z why are u copying what I say oh yeah btw did u know Nikita is a dude

      6ixtos6ixtos9 dager siden
    • @6ixtos no she's not lmao cry

      zz9 dager siden
    • @Rishima yeah he is dumba$$

      6ixtos6ixtos10 dager siden
    • @6ixtos no she isnt

      RishimaRishima11 dager siden
    • It’s a dude

      6ixtos6ixtos11 dager siden
  • Do she not know how to fucken wear a mask

    Kim ParkgumKim Parkgum12 dager siden
  • The woman literally had masks ready for her to use as soon as she got out of the vehicle & she just walks away. Complete trash.

    Kitty KleopatraKitty Kleopatra12 dager siden
    • @6ixtos Smh

      eeaaooiieeaaooii10 dager siden
    • @eeaaooii :)

      6ixtos6ixtos10 dager siden
    • @6ixtos 💀

      eeaaooiieeaaooii10 dager siden
    • @Kehlani Reyez lol yeah I said it cry me a river

      6ixtos6ixtos10 dager siden
    • @6ixtos it??? she’s human.

      Kehlani ReyezKehlani Reyez10 dager siden
  • She looks nice but where is her mask

    Dareus JosephDareus Joseph12 dager siden
    • @Isaiah castaneda lol u never came back

      6ixtos6ixtos4 timer siden
    • @6ixtos there is no guy or girl dna... are you dumb.... you got mush for Brains or what?

      Isaiah castanedaIsaiah castaneda11 dager siden
    • @Dareus Joseph okay? It’s still a dude

      6ixtos6ixtos12 dager siden
    • @6ixtos nikita identifies as a female so no!

      Dareus JosephDareus Joseph12 dager siden
    • @Dareus Joseph it’s a dude

      6ixtos6ixtos12 dager siden
  • It's my birthday tomorrow

    fuck kpop stansfuck kpop stans12 dager siden
  • That’s a dude tho

    Joe RoganowskiJoe Roganowski12 dager siden
    • Yeeeeeeeesss and she is the copy poor of kylie

      Maximiliano ZubietaMaximiliano Zubieta7 dager siden
    • @Lillian’s Story’s cry me river

      6ixtos6ixtos12 dager siden
    • Stop being transphobic like what is the point of being transphobic I wanna know

      Lillian’s Story’sLillian’s Story’s12 dager siden
    • @Hamza M stfu

      James CharlesJames Charles12 dager siden
    • and stop stealing my job

      6ixtos6ixtos12 dager siden
  • Why is she all oily

    Dental and OthersDental and Others12 dager siden
    • @ili B Nikita is a dude

      6ixtos6ixtos9 dager siden
    • to make her skin glow?ig

      ili Bili B9 dager siden

      6ixtos6ixtos10 dager siden
    • @6ixtos stop being trasphobic boomer wake up its 2021

      RishimaRishima11 dager siden
    • @6ixtos u got me laughing 😆 🤣 😂

  • Look at him Showing off

    J JJ J12 dager siden
    • @Tamera 69 lmaooooo 💀💀 yeah it’s still a dude dna of a guy

      6ixtos6ixtos11 dager siden
    • Her

      Lala TFWLala TFW12 dager siden
    • *she/her

      Ariana pAriana p12 dager siden
    • @6ixtos its a Dude

      J JJ J12 dager siden
    • @facts factory lmao it’s a dude and he still has a d on him

      6ixtos6ixtos12 dager siden
  • nice

    Anaje A GeorgeAnaje A George12 dager siden
  • Nikita don't know what mask is

    Nicole UnicornNicole Unicorn12 dager siden
    • @Ginger Alex look it’s a my hero fan

      6ixtos6ixtos4 timer siden
    • Nor clothes

      Ginger AlexGinger Alex7 timer siden
    • Why’s no one talking about how she’s upstaging someone’s bday AGAIN as everyone else wore black

      T.T.5 dager siden
    • @L M I’m clearly am since ur responding to me every time and stating how u feel

      6ixtos6ixtos7 dager siden
    • @6ixtos you aren't hurting my feelings lol

      L ML M7 dager siden

    Maida AliMaida Ali12 dager siden
  • Who doesn’t hate charl

    Martyna SzewcMartyna Szewc12 dager siden
    • Kween! I love her n haters suck😭

      Tamanna SharmaTamanna Sharma11 dager siden
    • i love her.

      Human BeingHuman Being12 dager siden
    • Me I love her

      kiya sunshinekiya sunshine12 dager siden
  • First

    Buteriteri Christa Betty CornalieButeriteri Christa Betty Cornalie12 dager siden